Thanks to clear leadership, innovative planning, and unprecedented support teachers are more excited about the school year than ever.

Written by Greg O’Loughlin, Classroom Teacher and Founder of The Educators’ Cooperative

After a summer of unprecedented devotion of city-wide time, resources, and attention, teachers all over Nashville are expressing more…

EdCo members Anie Hall, 9th grade English teacher at Hendersonville High School, Ansley Glenn, 6th grade Math teacher at Harpeth Hall, and Amy Noon, 2nd grade teacher at Crieve Hall, were all asked, “How do you hope your students describe you?” Their answers come as no surprise. …

“This was unlike any other PD I’ve ever done!”

“I feel hopeful and more sure of myself than ever before!”

“These connections and workshops are exactly what I needed!”

And that’s just the beginning.

Those thoughts came from Cohort 6’s participants and today we kicked off our second Summer Workshop…

EdCo Members Ansley Glenn, Luke Johnson, and Nita Smith were recently asked, “What is something you wish non-teachers knew or understood about teaching?” Their answers speak to the heart of teaching.

Summer break. It always comes up when people talk about teachers. Teacher salaries, teacher schedules, teacher stress. All of…

The Educators’ Cooperative

The Educators’ Cooperative is a non-profit organization that provides a professional learning community for K-12 teachers. Created for teachers by teachers.

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